Start reading with Easiread

Easiread is a typography system to help with improving reading fluency and accuracy for people with specific kinds of reading difficulties.

What Easiread can do?

Easiread includes preset functions to help with problems of letter recognition, reading flow and visual stress has been created. Users can test and use Easiread in Google chrome to make custom-adjustments according to their needs for online text. They can also output the adjusted text if they prefer to read it in prints version.

Helps to remove all unnecessary visual distractions.

3 presets to enhance letter recognition, reading flow, visual stress.

Further adjust the size and spacing to suits your needs.

Allows you to track the text line-by-line.

Allows you to save your customised setting for next time.

Print out your readings for offline reading

Chrome Extension

Use Easiread in Google chrome to makecustom-adjustments accordong to their needs for online text.


We would love to hear from you. Give us your feedback to make reading easier with Easiread.

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